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800+ Global English

Learn to speak the global language using the minimal number of words possible!

All of this included in the purchase of gFriend's English Learning System.

Sensory Recognition™

gFriend's Sensory Recognition™ teaches you how to speak English using your 6 language learning senses.

HD Video Lessons

Each of our 48 lessons has a high-definition video with your very own virtual teacher to guide you through the lesson with ease.

Interactive Speed Quizzes

Use gFriend's Sensory Recognition™ speed quizzes to learn faster, by training your 6 language learning senses.

Self-Grading Oral Exams™

Our proprietary Self-Grading Oral Exams™ allow you to become your own teacher and grade your own pronunciation.

Mini Lessons

Learn to correctly pronounce hundreds of essential everyday words and phrases, as well as the alphabet, numbers, math, writing and more.

High Score Leaderboard

You can compete for a high score against your friends, country or even the world!

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Kids learn as they play!

Fun for all ages – even English speaking kids!

Each game includes fun sounds, colorful images and a quiz to keep your child entertained while learning the global language.

Учение с развлечением для детей!

English Alphabet

Learn to recognize and repeat the alphabet and complete the Alphabet Quiz as quick as you can!

English Numbers

Научитесь правильно произносить названия цифр (1, 2, 3...) и порядковых числительных (1-ый, 2-ой, 3-ий...)


Выучите математические термины, такие как сложение, вычитание, 2 плюс два равно 4, а также проценты и дроби.

Writing Letters

Анимации покажут вам как пишутся строчные и заглавные буквы английского алфавита.

Dates & Time

Научитесь правильно называть по- английски месяцы, даты, часы, минуты и секунды.


Научитесь правильно называть различные американские банкноты и монеты.

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